About: Kaplan Law

KAPLAN • LAW office was founded in 2016 by Toronto lawyer Ari Kaplan. Press release here. Kaplan Law is a modern law service, organized as an independent law practice. Matters start with principal Ari Kaplan. After a free consultation, you and he determine how to proceed:

  • Retainer: a client can retain Ari Kaplan as principal lawyer. Where it adds value, Ari hires independent associates and students in his network.
  • Partner: Kaplan Law partners with lawyers and law firms and co-counsels on matters that benefit from collaboration or co-expertise.
  • Refer: Kaplan Law refers clients to other lawyers in his network covering almost every area of law. Kaplan Law accepts no referral fees.

Fees are based on hourly rates, fixed, or exceptionally, on contingency. Kaplan Law is dedicated to pro bono, access to justice, and equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Kaplan Law is committed to excellence in practice and driven by relationships and service. The firm maintains cost-controls and efficiencies with technology and innovation. Kaplan Law office is located in Law Chambers, a full-service independent law and mediation hub in downtown Toronto offering clients office facilities and boardrooms for over 30 years. 

Contact Kaplan Law. Legal services: here. Prospective clients: here. What is Pension Law

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